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Re: [Mingw-users] GCC 4.9.3 "experimental"?

On 14/12/15 17:27, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> Can someone please tell what prevents GCC-4.9.3-preview build to
> become the official latest build of MinGW GCC?

I cross-compiled both that, and the earlier GCC-4.8.5-preview, as
crossed-native packages, on my Linux-Mint Debian host. I posted them,
and invited comment from the community, regarding their suitability for
formal release; to date, I've had absolutely no feedback whatsoever in
this regard, (beyond this enquiry itself).

> Is something missing from the tarballs I see on the download site?

IIRC, they are lacking OpenMP support entirely, and I had difficulty in
building with Ada support, (although I was able to eventually attain the
latter, but, since my knowledge of Ada is completely non-existent, I
would have no idea where to begin testing it).

> Are the binaries somehow less safe than the latest "official" ones?

I don't know.  The GCC-4.9.3 cross-compiler I used to build them works
absolutely fine for me, in production.  However, I no longer have any
use for Windows, in any shape or form as a production platform, so until
the community offer some feedback, they will remain untested.


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