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Re: [Mingw-users] Installation to an isolated network

On Tue, 8 Dec 2015 07:14:27 -0600, Edward Ahlsen-Girard wrote:

> What would be the procedure to install mingw to an isolated network
> whose nodes never touch the internet at all? Get packages for
> customization is not something I'm going to do here.

The simplest way is:
Assuming that you installed MinGW in C:\MinGW on a machine that
is connected to the Internet, just copy the C:\MinGW folder to
whichever machines need it and add <drive>\MinGW\bin to the PATH.

If you want, you could even set up a  shared folder \\server\share and
copy the MinGW folder under that share and map a drive on each client
PC to \\server\share and add <drive>\MinGW\bin to the PATH.

Alternatively, you can download the archives and expand them yourself.
The archives download by mingw-get are stored in
A minimal installation of MinGW requires 4 packages:

gcc-core - on my system




Extract all the archives into C:\MinGW. Make sure that the directory structure
in the archive is preserved (although that probably happens by default).

I am not sure what the required packages for MSYS are.

John Brown.
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