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Re: [Mingw-users] MinGW installation for restricted systems

On 29/09/15 02:47, Robert Cavanaugh wrote:
> Hi,First, please me know if my client is complying with the etiquette
> preferences, it hides some details.

It could wrap text, at a more comfortable reading width ... ~70 chars,
say.  As it stands, it sprawls all the way across the message viewing
pane in my Thunderbird client, and is all coalesced into an amorphous
wall of barely decipherable text.

> Second, I have a need for a complete MinGW package including gcc and
> most options on a restricted PC that is not connected to an outside
> network. Is there a way to obtain either a pre-compiled binary image
> or a how-to on the installed structure?

While Eli's suggested manual installation is certainly a viable option,
you can also achieve this using mingw-get, (and thus save yourself the
hassle of resolving dependencies up-front).  I explained the technique
on this very list, almost four years ago; see the gmane archived post:


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