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Re: [Mingw-users] MinGW installation for restricted systems

> Cc: mingw-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> From: Robert Cavanaugh <osianfion@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2015 23:11:22 -0700
> Hi Eli,
> Thanks very much for your response, but it highlights the specific question: How? Getting the files is no problem, I have already done that. The big question is where to put them?

In general, pick up a directory where you'd like the MSYS tree to be
rooted, and another directory where you'd like the MinGW tree to be
rooted.  Then unpack every MSYS archive from the MSYS root directory,
and every MinGW archive from the MinGW root directory.

There are some (possibly slightly outdated) instructions here:


> Is there a standard directory structure for the resulting outputs, or is it all dependent on explicit paths? For example, is msys bash expecting files in a particular directory?

You should only make sure the tool you use to unpack the archives
preserves the directory structure recorded in the archives (one
recommended possibility is to use 'bsdtar'), and you must unpack all
of the archives from the same root directory.  That's all; the trees
themselves are completely relocatable, and can be rooted at any

One other gotcha to be aware of is the Windows limitation on the
length of file names: it is advisable not to select a root directory
that is too deep in the Windows directory tree, to minimize the
probability that you will ever bump into that limitation.

> Where, how many, and at what permission levels should the temp file be?

I don't understand this question.  In general, leave the permission
bits as they are upon directory creation.  On Vista and later systems,
do NOT install inside any system directories, like "C:\Program Files",
because those have access restrictions and are subject to
virtualization that will drive you mad if any updatable configuration
files are in the tree.  Other than those general precautions (I never
install anything in "C:\Program Files"), I'm not aware of any issues
with permissions.


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