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[Mingw-users] MinGW <-> MSVC /MD /MT /ML

Karsten Ohme writes:
 > How is the mapping between the switches /MD /MT /LL and their
 > debugging versions to MinGW? How can I say, what I want? What's the
 > philosophy?

Unless you tell it otherwise, mingw always uses msvcrt.dll. Of those
you mentioned, mingw has import libraries for msvcrt.dll (/MD) and
msvcrtd.dll (/MDd), plus the newer msvcr70.dll, msvcr70d.dll,
msvcr71.dll and msvcr71.dll. Unless you for some reason want something
else and know what you are doing, I would suggest sticking to the
default. msvcrt.dll is bundled with the operating system and present
on all Windows machines (except early pristine Win95 boxes).


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