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[Mingw-msys] [mingw - MSYS] RE: GCC in mounted directories

* BGINFO for X
| 4) Windows path subfolder (ADAM) -> It doesn't works!
| $ ls -la c:\windows\ADAM
| ls: c:windowsADAM: No such file or directory
| My question is: Why test 4 doesn't work?

Because the backslash is the SHELL quoting character.  It is used to
escape the next character from any special meaning.  In your example,
'w' and 'A' have no special meaning, so the backslash is 'wasted'.

You need to double an unquoted backslash to get a single backslash
into the argument:
  ls -la c:\\windows\\ADAM
or quote it:
  ls -la 'c:\windows\ADAM'


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