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[Mingw-msys] [mingw - MSYS] RE: GCC in mounted directories

On Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 11:49 AM, dmccunney wrote:
>>> Right now, I have Msys mapped via a junction as /bin, and can live
>>> with it.  But I'm curious: *should* creating the junction as /usr/bin
>>> have worked, or am I running into an inherent limit in how Msys works,
>>> or have I found a bug?
>> Why?  When you start the MSYS shell it maps itself already to / and
>> /usr.  What are you trying to accomplish?
> Like I said, a Unix style file system arrangement.  *Msys* may map
> itself to / and /usr, but I'm not always *in* the Msys shell when I''m
> in a console.  Aside from Msys bash, I have versions of tcsh, zsh, and
> ksh, as well as Windows cmd.exe.  They don't see the Msys mapping.  (I
> use Console2 to get a tabbed console window, and may have more than
> one shell active at a time.)

So the issue becomes this, for MSYS it maps / and /usr to the parent
of the directory containing the msys-1.0.dll and the directory
containing msys-1.0.dll becomes /bin and /usr/bin.  When you create
the junction c:/usr/bin to the msys/1.0/bin and execute from
c:/usr/bin then root / is then mapped to c:/usr and MSYS is all

The tcsh, etc shells, are the Cygwin related or something else?

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