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[Mingw-msys] [mingw - MSYS] missing networking on new install

On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 1:39 PM, Damon Register
<damon.w.register@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 6/7/2012 1:11 PM, Earnie Boyd wrote:
> That wasn't really my goal. ÂMy ultimate goal is to create my own
> uname function using Windows methods as you suggested.

Then you need to be in a MinGW build environment to provide that
function and not an MSYS build environment.

> Sure, that is the ultimate goal. ÂI still would like to know, is it not true
> that the current uname.exe provided by msys is built with the msys
> toolset? ÂSince I have been able to rebuild msyscore and coreutils,
> using the msys environment, I have to conclude the answer is yes.

The uname.exe program provided by MSYS depends on the MSYS runtime
which implements the uname() function.

> Â>> Can you please tell me what I would have to do to the coreutils makefile to make it
> Â>> link to the library containing GetEnvironmentVariable?
> Â>
> Â>Yes, GetEnvironmentVariable is a Windows API and which isn't intended
> Â>to be used with the MSYS/Cygwin runtime. ÂHowever, the emulation must
> Â>use it so there are special instructions for adding the appropriate
> Â>libraries when MSYS itself is built.
> So would I be correct in understanding that it is built into the
> runtime app like uname.exe but not available for linking into my
> own app?

As stated previously uname.exe depends on the MSYS runtime so uname()
function is given.  The MSYS runtime depends on some of Windows API
and uses LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress to provide those functions.

> What are those special instructions? Âhow do I link to get that
> GetEnvironmentVariable function available to coreutils, specifically
> to the uname.c ? ÂCome to think of it, if my goal is supposed to be
> to create a new uname.exe using windows methods, wouldn't I need
> access to windows functions such as GetEnvironmentVariable?

Again, MSYS provides GetEnvironmentVariable to itself via
LoadLibrary()/GetProcAddress().  The coretuils uname.c depends on the
MSYS runtime to provide the functions it needs.

> Â>I think your best bet will be to port ghostscript to windows methods.
> Â>I think that it has been done already, maybe you just need to follow
> As far as Ghostscript goes, you are probably right. ÂAt this point I just
> hate admitting defeat on the uname side. ÂI would really like to know
> how to make coreutils link with GetEnvironmentVariable such that I can
> do some tampering to get a uname.exe that does what I want and in the
> process I hope to learn enough of how it works to be able to port it to
> a regular windows app that can be built with mingw environment.

A native uname.exe is most likely doable but you'll need to be in a
MinGW build environment to create one.

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