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[Mingw-msys] something wrong with my MSYS installation?

On 4/15/2012 3:46 AM, Keith Marshall wrote:
> Of course not, but like Earnie, I'm having a hard time seeing any
> scenario in which it might actually be helpful.

As ralph mentioned (his msys-python), I think the most common case would 
be "half-ported" packages that are themselves msys, but expect win32 
path handling for some reason. Obviously, the Right Thing To Do is to 
fix those apps -- but, as the 15 year history of cygwin's tcl/tk package 
shows, sometimes "half-ported" persists for a long time (FWIW, my 
not-yet-complete msys-tcl/tk is "fully ported" to msys in this respect).

Also, such a capability would have helped libtool -- since it is an 
"MSYS" script which needs to generate source code for a native w32 
C-wrapper that contains embedded win32 paths.  It currently uses the 

   # awkward: cmd appends spaces to result
   func_convert_core_msys_to_w32_result=`( cmd //c echo "$1" ) 2>/dev/null |
   $SED -e 's/[ ]*$//' -e "$lt_sed_naive_backslashify"`


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