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RE: [Mingw-msys] compile failure

Just uploaded an enhanced version of cygpath that follows cygwins more 
closely. Only option missing is the mode switch for text or binary (not 
even sure if needed since the runtime "msys-1.0.dll" seem to check for 
that allready ?).
Reason i made this is that i sometimes run into sources which croak at 
the missing mixed mode support so i have to patch those. Preliminary 
testing shows no problems, but if you run into something let me know.

If you find it ok i allready made it part of the msys core sources and 
can upload it in case you want this.
Also added ldd and kill to the msys core source and the source was 
modified so it now compiles with gcc4.
Several other enhancements added also so building more recent stuff 
still possible with msys-1.0 with minimal hackery. Might keep it afloat 
untill Msys2 is ready.

file here: 

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