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Re: [Mingw-msys] ar.exe & scripts

On 2/27/2012 8:19 AM, Earnie Boyd wrote:
> This is something that does not fit the purpose of MinGW.org providing
> MSYS.  Can you convince me why Ruby would be needed under the MSYS
> Runtime?  There is already a Windows version of it.  The purpose of
> MSYS is simply to provide a mechanism to execute a typical configure
> script to create a Makefile to be able to execute make.  I have not
> seen a configure script that uses Ruby.

While I agree that we should follow the "Minimal" nature of msys for
core and extension tools, and not try to replace cygwin, the
"contributed" part of our toolset is not so restricted, IIRC.

And there is nothing that prevents any third party from providing any
add-on tools they want, from their own website, regardless of any
policies we may have. (In fact, it's possible our policies for "what" is
accepted into our "contributed" area should be quite loose -- so that we
can be strict on "how" those contributed items are packaged.  That is,
we can use "contributed" as a quality-control for addon packages --
'these aren't core, but have been validated to play well with others';
if they are relegated to third-party-site pariah status, then they may
not, probably will not, play well with core/extended.)

Finally, even if we decide on some set of rules for "our" contributed
area that excludes ruby, I think it's appropriate for external
contributors to at least mention their mingw-get-compatible offerings here.


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