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[Mingw-msys] Installing MinGW and MSYS

On 12/22/2011 11:37 PM, Ralph Engels wrote:
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> Aye though wilson suggest we put it on the backburner as hees fixing
> some of the nasty stuff with tcl/tk

I've got a build, and oddly the *test* programs seem to work fairly 
well, but wish itself (interactive or scripted) does not.  What I need 
to do is tease out all my patches into smaller, related chunks and then 
analyze them (and the behavior).  Maybe I "went too far" and by 
eliminating some of my changes I could fix the problem -- if my possible 
overzealousness caused the issue.  git-bisect is your friend (assuming 
you have more than just one giant single commit :-(  -- in which case 
"git rebase --interactive/git-add -patch" to the rescue 

Or, splitting up the giant commit and analyzing the pieces may help 
convince me they are all needed, the problem lies elsewhere, and I need 
to patch even more.  Dunno yet.

But that's hard -- debugging an *interpreter* is decidedly nontrivial -- 
and I've had zero free time lately.


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