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Re: [Mingw-msys] Building DLLs using configure, automake and libtool

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ä 2011/9/27 1:29, Charles Wilson åé:
> How does this differ from Ralph Engels' ongoing work for an msys
> v2.0? Are you attempting to create a third project distinct from
> both msys and cygwin? If not, and you're also doing a
> proto-msys-2.0 implementation based on modern cygwin, why can't you
> work with Ralph? Why a separate project?
> I'm okay with competition; odds are we'd end up taking bits of
> each for the "official" msys-$next.  I just want to understand the
> goals and motivation of your project, as compared to Ralph's.
This is just another try of msys-method from the different direction.
I'm willing to keep the modification as small as possible, then it can
be easily merged into future cygwin releases and take advantage of the
new features.
I'm not sure why the msys 1.0 used a new system triplet(i686-pc-msys),
and Earnie is not willing to add this triplet to the upstream. But
this odd triplet brings some additional works isn't it? I like to keep
it as same as cygwin.
Because of modifications are small enough, It will be very easy to
integrate into Ralph's project. There is no repeat work between them.

Currently I'm considering how to deal with symbolic links in msys2.
modern cygwin has the ability of reading native symbolic links but due
to some posix incompatible reason it will not create them. IMO I have
3 choices:
1. disable symlinks support like msys1
2. support native symlinks creation by merging a patch made for msys.
but why it's not posix compatible? I have been search cygwin mail list
but not get the answer.
3. support native symlinks creation by a ln script wrapper but disable
it in the core.
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