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Re: [Mingw-msys] symlinks

On 9/25/2011 4:39 AM, Rinrin wrote:
> Hi all: I have been doing an initial work on cygwin which supports
> msys-like path conversion. just do a little testing but when using
> mingw/mingw-w64 gcc to compile native program it works. Some parts
> of msys changes were not ported, like /etc/fstab support( new
> cygwin support it). And here was not take care of symlinks(seems 
> that cygwin have been deal with it) Please review and give me some
> advices, thanks. https://github.com/rinrin-/cygwin-alternative

How does this differ from Ralph Engels' ongoing work for an msys v2.0?
Are you attempting to create a third project distinct from both msys
and cygwin? If not, and you're also doing a proto-msys-2.0
implementation based on modern cygwin, why can't you work with Ralph?
Why a separate project?

I'm okay with competition; odds are we'd end up taking bits of each
for the "official" msys-$next.  I just want to understand the goals
and motivation of your project, as compared to Ralph's.


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