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Re: [Mingw-msys] RE: Running scripts from MSYS

On 15.9.2011 14:31, Ralph Engels wrote:

> Just a small question i hope you can help me with.
> Its allmost there but im banging my head on getting MinGW to work with
> it. I checked the original patch to find out how it was initially done
> getting cygwin to accept using the mingw compiler externally, but
> besides bugfixes the only code part i can see makes a difference is
> the msys_p2w function. A rather big part of the code that it changes
> was modified so im a bit scared of trying to add the function because
> i dont want to break it (not while im not sure its the part that makes
> it tick).
> MinGW gcc reports no input no matter what i mount it as (even
> unmounted from inside the Msys2 /usr dir) so for MinGW development its
> broken :/.

I am extremely busy until Monday so I really cannot do anything about it 
before that.

Use procmon and strace to see where Mingw's programs are trying to 
access the files and that might give you more insight on the problem.

 > Im not sure who did the initial port (charles wilson ?) but i need to
 > get a hold on whoever so we can work this last part out.

The people who know MSYS the best are Earnie, Charles and Cesar.

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