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[Mingw-msys] symlinks

On 12.9.2011 22:40, Charles Wilson wrote:

> Thus, I don't see #1 as feasible longterm. We really have to go with #2,
> or we'll be stuck with older and older (relatively speaking) versions of
> the application suites (such as coreutils, ssh, etc).

With the following patch the latter option seems more feasible as it 
speeds up Cygwin quite a bit. First I did some timing with configuring 
Cygwin and here are the results (repeated three times but the results 
were basically the same on all the runs):

Normal Cygwin 1.7.9
real    1m6.456s
user    0m6.118s
sys     0m14.377s

With jojelino's patch
real    0m22.126s
user    0m5.899s
sys     0m14.316s

After this I decided to build the whole dll (using make -j3), first with 
jojelino's patch applied:

real    10m23.910s
user    5m50.155s
sys     7m35.555s

And decided not to run the test with the regular dll as it takes around 
20 minutes on this machine.

Here's the patch:

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