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Re: [Mingw-msys] mingw home page broken in Firefox

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Den 12-09-2011 21:40, Charles Wilson skrev:
> On 9/12/2011 12:06 PM, Vincent Torri wrote:
>> i would just like an msys2 faster for configure scripts than msys
>> 1. Configuring gettext, gnutls, etc... are too long with msys1.
>> If msys 2 is not faster than msys 1, i don't see the benefits of
>> msys 2 for me.
> There are two ways to go:
> 1) more stripped down, less posix support: faster, but current
> apps (like, say, coreutils: even coreutils-5.97) will break as it
> depends on the current posix feature set of msys-1.  And forget
> about updating to newer platform apps like coreutils-8.10.
> 2) more posix support: allows to update core platform apps to
> newer versions -- since cygwin capabilities drive upstream feature 
> exploitation, and msys is a "walled garden", newer upstream
> projects continually add new requirements on new cygwin features.
> This makes porting to msys1 harder and harder every year. I
> currently have to add a lot of (old) workarounds to msys-ssh --
> workarounds that USED to be in the upstream code under #ifdef
> __CYGWIN__, but have now been removed as unnecessary on cygwin.
> This is true for many upstream projects.
> Thus, I don't see #1 as feasible longterm. We really have to go
> with #2, or we'll be stuck with older and older (relatively
> speaking) versions of the application suites (such as coreutils,
> ssh, etc).
> The price of progress.
> -- Chuck
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I think i agree with wilson on that one.
The ammounts of hacking i had to do lately to get things like
coreutils-8.10 semi working on msys1 was pretty staggering :/ and it
still cannot parse permissions correctly so i turned of all security
on it so it would atleast work for building other apps on msys1, but
tbh that is not the way to go.

Can probably optimize the runtime to some degree i reckon, its all a
question of time and work :).
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