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RE: [Mingw-msys] msys-automake version needs updating to latest release

On 13.9.2011 7:07, Ralph Engels wrote:

> For me the goal is mostly access to newer tools i cannot build with
> msys1 (that and better posix support). I kinda expected build times to
> go up with unicode support so in that regard im not surprised. The
> goal for me with Msys2 is the same it was with Msys1 to have a posix
> environment for things with autotools dependancy to build on windows,
> not so much to try and make a mini cygwin :) (allthough my current
> version looks awfully like that). I hope to make it closer to how Msys1
> works over time.

There are patches for Cygwin that enable profiling the Cygwin dll 
itself. Might be useful as soon as MSYS2 becomes stable.

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