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[Mingw-msys] msys-automake version needs updating to latest release

On 12.9.2011 0:09, Ralph Engels wrote:

> Building a new version of gcc now actually. I stayed with the old
> binutils package for now because the broken gcc i used before caused
> the new binutils to dump stack space, besides the old binutils works
> ok it seems.
> Runtime builds and works ok so far but havent got to reimplementing
> the msys mount system yet because of some rather hefty code changes
> (tbh im a bit afraid of breaking it so someone who has been closer to
> the inneries of the msys runtime should probably take over that part).
> Besides that i fixed up uname to return the correct MSYSTEM name
> allthough the added 64 bit check chops of the 4 from WOW64 but it does
> the same on cygwins it seems so its not something i broke atleast.
> Still in progress of manipulating the makefiles to accept the msys
> structure with some succes. Only tools not building are cygcheck and
> cygserver + cyglsa, but that seems related to my broken gcc as they
> bitch about
> missing stdc++ functions.

Could you post diffs as well?

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