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[Mingw-msys] Slow performance but CPU not loaded

On 11.9.2011 21:42, Ralph Engels wrote:
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> Bit stuck i need someone with good knowladge of gnu makefiles to
> adjust the remaining stuff to accept the Msys structure. Been at it
> for days now. Somehow i get a feeling that my gcc version 4.3.4 fails
> to export __MSYS__ as i noticed it totally ignores #ifdef __MSYS__ in
> the sources.

Can you post gcc -dumpspecs?

> But without a gcc version of atleast 4 its impossible to build argh!.
> Teemu supplied me with a version built for standard Msys but it was
> missing cc1.exe cc1plus.exe and collect2.exe besides the gcc dll so i
> had to make cruel hack to rebuild a new version using the parts he
> sent me but it seems to be broken in regards to the above.

Like I said, it is *very* hacky.

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