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Re: [Mingw-msys] problem with msys?

On 9/10/2011 10:55 AM, Ralph Engels wrote:
>  Also having some difficulty removing /cygdrive
> (the code changed considerable). 

Cygwin now allows /etc/fstab to change the "default" value of the
cygdrive prefix from "/cygdrive" to whatever the user wants. Many choose
to set it to "/" -- which is what we want here, although we want to do
it in code, rather than in the /etc/fstab file.

It should simply be a matter of us changing the default value of
cygdrive_prefix, wherever it is defined, from "/cygdrive" to "/"

> Unfortunatly it seems the dll depends on libcygserver.a + some source
> files from it

modern cygwin cooperates with the cygserver daemon -- *if present and
running* -- in order to support certain IPC facilities.  So, the daemon
has an API, and cygwin dll uses it.  Now, you don't HAVE to have the
daemon running, and cygwin will just return ENOSYS when the user tries
to use the facilities that need cygserver for proper operation.  So, you
don't need to port cygserver *itself* -- just enough of the "interface
code" -- that is, libcygserver.a -- so that it can always return "sorry,
cygserver not running; please fail whatever operation the user was
trying to do".

> One question i hope someone can help me with. Since i removed cygwins
> internal mingw some tools cannot be built since they rely on the mingw
> compiler + libraries/includes. Is there any way to tell it that i want
> to use the external mingw without making a wholy mess in the makefiles ?.

Not sure.  I'm not clear what they've changed in the cygwin build
system, now that the "cygwin" compiler no longer support -mno-cygwin and
they have to rely on either (cygwin-gcc with -no-stdlib -no-stdinc
-I/mingw/include/path etc etc) OR (where-is-mingw-cross-compiler...).

If they are doing the former, then you ought to be able to do that too,
with msys-gcc -no-stdlib -no-stdinc -I/usr/include/mingw
-I/usr/include/w32api -L/usr/lib/mignw -L/usr/lib/w32api etc etc.

Hmm...well, we have the .../w32api stuff, since we provide an
msys-w32api package.  But we don't currently provide an msys-mingwrt
package, so /usr/include/mingw and /usr/lib/mingw don't exist. Maybe we


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