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[Mingw-msys] Very basic newbie Q?

On 9/8/2011 3:01 PM, Teemu Nätkinniemi wrote:
> I think Cygwin 1.7 needs GCC 4.X to compile. Please share your patches 
> and sources as soon as you can.

This is true. I was always under the impression that we would have to
take the traditional approach:

  1) build a linux->msys gcc-4 toolchain
  2) Do all the mods to create msys-2 from cygwin-1.7 ON linux, until it
     compiles...also, build msys-2::bash and msys-2::coreutils with
     that toolchain.
  3) Then test the result on win32....repeat #2 and #3 until happy.
  4) THEN, build a "native" msys-2 toolchain using the linux->msys
     cross compiler.
  5) Install THAT on win32, and try to "self-host" (that is, build
     msys-2) USING the compiler under msys-2.
  6) Repeat #4 and #5 until happy.
  7) Try to build the msys-2 compiler using the compiler from #4.
  8) And...FINALLY, self-host the msys dll build using the toolchain
     from #7.  Repeat #7 and #8 until happy.

Ralph jumped straight to #7.


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