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Re: [Mingw-msys] Building Vim 6.4 for mSYS

On 9.9.2011 0:10, Ralph Engels wrote:

> The makefiles need a workover btw since it installs things like it was
> a cygwin tree. Also you are correct about it needing a newer gcc i
> tried with Msys gcc and it failed. So im trying to compile a newer
> version. (gcc-4.6.1) atm it gets as far as libstdc++ before failing :/.
> Ill see if i can fix it.

Here's a somewhat working GCC 4.3.4 for MSYS, based on Cygwin's version:


Compiling GCC 4.x with MSYS is very difficult (especially libstdc++) as 
MSYS' Newlib is missing some essential things.

A recommendation: use Cygwin's sources for GCC and Binutils as a base 
when compiling a new toolchain for MSYS2.

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