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[Mingw-msys] MSYS: _kbhit() and _getch()

On 9/7/2011 3:30 PM, Ralph Engels wrote:
> Been hammering for some time on an updated Msys Core based on cygwin
> 1.5.

If you check the mailing list archives in the last year (mingw-dvlpr and
mingw-users) you'll see that some discussion about "MSYS 2" has occurred
-- but along these lines:

"hey, the cygwin folks implemented self-install-location-detection, the
ability for multiple 'cygwins' to coexist, and /etc/fstab support.
Since that was one of the most intrusive changes made to create msys
from cygwin-1.3.4, I bet it would be a LOT easier to recreate msys now,
using modern cygwin as a base"

But, in this context, "modern" means "cygwin-1.7+" -- not 1.5.x

Basically, the major abi breaking "improvement" you get from 1.5.x is
support for large files (>4GB), and the normal set of assorted bugfixes
and minor improvements.

However, with cygwin-1.7 you get unicode/i18n support, and extremely
long pathname support (32KB, rather than 260 chars) [since, internally,
cygwin-1.7 now uses the *W() w32api functions exclusively].  I've
actually hit that smaller limit compiling java code...

So...while I appreciate the work you've put into msys-cygwin-1.5, I'd
suggest perusing those old mailing list discussions, and using what you
have learned so far to accelerate a reimplementation of msys based on
cygwin-1.7.9 or cvs HEAD.


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