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[Mingw-msys] [mingw - MSYS] RE: sh: fork: Resource temporarily unavailabl

Been hammering for some time on an updated Msys Core based on cygwin
1.5. And i can build the dll + most utilities now but its rather
unstable still. Theres a ton of work done but also a ton left i suspect,
atleast i need to fix the cygheap errors still. Theres also a bug with
reading fstab it seems (crashes immediatly if theres an fstab file in
/etc). Also need to remove unnessesary stuff like the mingw runtime build.
To complete it i could use some help since digging through the old Msys
source takes rather long, and many functions have changed completely. So
if anyone feels upto the task, ill upload my current source.

Best Wishes Revelator.

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