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Re: [Mingw-msys] linker cannot read library Compilation ok

I  successfully  ported  a  few things to Msys that might be of use to

rsync 3.8 (tested and fully working).
OpenSP 1.5.2 (ported from original).
OpenJade (ported from cygwin repo).
cocom 0996 (ported from cygwin repo).
libgcrypt  1.5.0  (ported  from  original)  needs  to  be  built  with
libgpg-error 1.10 (ported from original)
libxslt 1.1.26 (ported from original) used by docbook.
docbook (ported from cygwins works great).
coreutils-1.10-1 (ported from cygwin repo needed quite a few hacks but
seems to work now).

I can make a patchset from my sources for you to review, the tools can
allready be downloaded from my own project page at

But  it  might  be  better  saving  these  ports  on as many places as
possible  as  i noticed someone allready had success porting rsync but
went awol so the patchset was lost.

Best Wishes Ralph Engels.

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