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[Mingw-msys] linker cannot read library Compilation ok

I'm trying to bind Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Right to backward-word and
forward-word respectively. Ctrl-Left produces exactly the same escape
code as Left arrow by itself though (same problem with the other
arrows, pgup, pgdn, home, end, etc). If I press Ctrl-V followed by
Left, it prints out ^[[D. If I press Ctrl-V followed by Ctrl-Left, it
still prints out ^[[D. It's like the Ctrl key is being blocked or not
detected for some reason. Alt-F and Alt-B are bound to forward-word
and backward-word and they work fine. I have a standard MSYS install
that I installed with the latest mingw-get-inst installer. $TERM is
set to cygwin. Any idea why the Ctrl key isn't detected?

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