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[Mingw-msys] Still attempting to run a script!

On 25/05/2011 03:14 p.m., Andy Koppe wrote:
 > On 25 May 2011 16:05, Cesar Romani wrote:
 >> I'm using mintty 0.9.7, msys 1.0.17, less 4.4.1 on Win XP.
 >> mintty works fine with groff-1.20.1-2-msys but not with groff-mingw
 >> version 1.20.1
 >> If I do:
 >> groff -Tascii -P-c -mandoc /usr/share/man/man1/bash.1|less
 >> mintty hangs up indefinitely and you cannot proceed any further.
 >> It only works if I do:
 >> cat /usr/share/man/man1/bash.1 | groff -Tascii -P-c -mandoc | less
 >> On the cmd console groff-mingw works fine.
 > This sounds a lot like an issue Keith Marshall previously reported
 > regarding building groff-mingw in rxvt and that I reproduced in
 > mintty, which suggested that it's to do with the MSYS (nee Cygwin) pty
 > implementation rather than either terminal as such. The usual
 > explanations about incompatibility between interactive native console
 > programs and ptys didn't seem to apply though, but unfortunately I
 > never got round to do any more than confirm that the issue still
 > exists with recent Cygwin.
 > Right, since I can only see msys-groff in the mingw-get repository,
 > did you build mingw-groff from source? And is that with msys-less or
 > mingw-less?

Yes, I built mingw-groff from source and I'm using msys-less but the
problem happens with or without less.

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