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Re: - [Mingw-msys] cant run a script in MSYS.

On 11/05/2011 06:37 a.m., Andy Koppe wrote:
 > On 11 May 2011 12:21, Chris Sutcliffe wrote:
 >> On 10 May 2011 19:33, Cesar Romani wrote:
 >>> I'm using mintty 0.9.7, msys 1.0.17, less 4.4.1, groff 1.20.1,
 >>> man 1.6-mingw-beta-1 on Win XP.
 >>> If I issue a man command, say "man bash", the output isn't sent to the
 >>> pager, but the entire page will scroll on the screen without pausing.
 >> Works fine for me in mintty 0.9.7.
 > You're probably using man-msys, whereas Cesar is using man-mingw.
 > 'man-mingw' would see MSYS's pseudo terminal (pty) device, which
 > mintty is based on, as a pair of Windows pipes. Thus man-mingw thinks
 > its output is being piped somewhere instead of being displayed on a
 > terminal, which causes it to switch to non-interactive mode where it
 > just dumps the entire man page.
 > See also http://code.google.com/p/mintty/issues/detail?id=56.
 > Andy
 > ps: What's the difference between the two man versions, apart from the
 > one here?

You are right, with man-msys it works fine and I don't need to use
groff-msys. I can continue to use groff-mingw.
With rxvt it seems you'd need to use both man-msys and groff-msys.

The only difference I see is that man-msys additionally has manpath.exe
and manlint.



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