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Re: [Mingw-msys] HAVE_SETMODE

On 3/19/2011 9:19 AM, Chris Sutcliffe wrote:
> I've repackaged vim 7.3 and included a build script and an MSYS specific 
> README (based on your RELEASE_NOTES).  I've even remembered to add the 
> '.exe' extension to the hardlinked files.  ;)

Thanks -- I really did not mean to imply you must, or even should, take
the time to do this right now, for 7.3.  But I'm glad you did.

>> Ah...which is yet another reason why you couldn't automate this *inside
>> an msys shell*.  We don't provide mercurial.
> Exactly, the README provides details on how to pull vim source using 
> Mercurial.

OK.  I'm not concerned about our "pathological reluctance" regarding
external tools in this case, because anyone who wants to rebuild 7.3-N
will already HAVE the source tarball, and won't need mercurial.

And, of course, the evil RHEL bundled patch issue doesn't apply when the
DCVS repository is exposed to the world.

>> Well, that's why it is a suggestion, not a command. (I'll point out
>> again that w32api and mingwrt are "special"... and gdb.  Dang, gdb.
> I've seen the light and added an automated build script (it made my life 
> easier ;) ).


>> Well, if EVER there was an msys package that could use some
>> documentation on how to get the darned thing built and working on msys,
>> it's gdb...
> Indeed, the next time I package gdb I'll add an automated build script, 
> including make, since they both are finicky to build.

Talk about understatements...<g>

>> Also, oould you speak more to the "vim-7.3 builds out of the box on
>> msys" thing?  We don't typically send MSYS patches upstream; we
>> typically #define __CYGWIN__ and adapt as necessary.
> It's not needed, something Andy and I figured out when porting mintty.  
> This was run from an 'msysdvlpr' shell:
> Chris@Chris-PC ~
> $ gcc -dM -E - < /dev/null | grep CYGWIN
> #define __CYGWIN__ 1
> #define __CYGWIN32__ 1

Oh yeah, right.  Duh.  I was the one who asked Cesar to make that happen.

>> 	$ objdump -p vim.exe | grep fchdir
>> 	<nothing>
>> Hmm.  Maybe not.
> I saw that you had specifics around fchdir in your patch set, but as 
> you've also noticed, I assume vim's configure must now either not use 
> fchdir or check to see if it's broken and work around it.

Looks that way.

>> Anyway, did you run the vim testsuite?
> That I didn't do.  I'm updating my build script to run it now and will 
> include it in the next release.

It's a bit tiresome.  And IIRC you have to attend it, there are some
points that it needs user input I think, at least on msys.

> I'm going to upload a '-2' release with these changes, as my Grandfather 
> used to say, "if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing right". :)


> Thank you for taking the time to review the package.

It's a lot easier than rebuilding it myself, so thank YOU.  I'll take a
look at your -2 release in a day or so.


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