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Re: [Mingw-msys] HAVE_SETMODE

On 3/18/2011 4:29 PM, Chris Sutcliffe wrote:

> --with-features=huge

Doesn't this mean that msys-perl is now required? Or is that just if you
want to use the (pseudo)embedded perl functionality?

BTW, it's usually been the convention that msys packages are configured
with --prefix=/usr and not /, *EVEN THOUGH* /usr is identical to / given
the enforced MSYS mount structure.  I'm not sure it makes a difference
-- but it costs nothing so I'm not really sure why it should be changed.

FYI, I'm not entirely thrilled with the -src packaging. At least with
7.3 there is no more issue with combining upstream's separate "src" and
"rt" tarballs, as upstream now packages them together.

However, you've marked this as patchlevel 138, so I can only assume the
msys-src tarball has already had those patches applied.  Hmm...shades of
the ongoing RHEL 6.0 kernel sources controversy:

There's no build script (or even simply build instructions, other than
your mailing list post which given gmane and sourceforge's abysmal
search facilities, will effectively by lost in the ether within a month
or two).

In the FRS release area, there's no release notes.
There's no [/usr]/share/doc/MSYS/vim-7.3-1-msys.RELEASE_NOTES.txt
either, so that's probably why.

Frankly, I'm surprised that you seem to have worked *harder* -- manually
installing 37 different patches (1-100, +101..138) to generate the -src
package, and apparently manually typing commands to create the various
.tar.lzma's -- than simply re-using and editing the existing automated
structure from vim-7.2-2-src's msys-build-vim script.

But, you know what?

I didn't have to do it.

So...I suggest that for the next revision, whenever anybody feels like
it or gets around to it, restore some of these items like release notes
and automated build scripts.

One of these days I'll finish my "msysport" tool, a bastardization of
cygwin's cygport.  simple gentoo ebuild-like scripts to create msys
packages, mmmmm....


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