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Re: [Mingw-msys] HAVE_SETMODE

Thanks Chuck, it's very comprehensive! I got most of the points (I 
hope), I'll work with those clues during the next days.


On 1/19/2011 12:43 AM, Patrice St-Gelais wrote:
 > > I am trying to port a Gtk/OpenGL app to Windows 
 > >
 > > I first installed the MinGW - Msys current bundle in a WinXP SP3 VM
 > > (mingw-get-inst-20101030.exe).
So far, so good.


You probably *don't* want msys-system-builder or
msys-auto*/msys-gettext/msys-libtool, but as long as you ensure your
$PATH finds the mingw versions first, it shouldn't hurt if you do have
those msys-tailored tools installed.


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