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[Mingw-msys] Posix threads

The latest MSYS runtime, version 1.0.16, is now available.

Besides fixing a few bugs, there are some new features:
* Add --mintty option to msys.bat, for using mintty as the MSYS terminal
(the MSYS port of mintty must already be installed for this to work).
* Support path conversion of @file arguments.

The full release notes are available at:

Fresh installations with the mingw-get-inst installer should get this
latest release by using the "Download latest repositories" option and
selecting the "MSYS Basic System".

To upgrade (*) an existing installation, be sure to close all MSYS
tools, then use mingw-get:

mingw-get update # this downloads the new manifests
mingw-get install msys-core-ext

(*) As of mingw-get-0.1-alpha4, "upgrading", which should *remove* the
currently-installed version and then download and install the new
version, skips that first step.  It simply installs the new version "on
top of" the old one.  This is probably acceptable for most people; the
fastidious can manually delete


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