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[Mingw-msys] Re: Re: Re: Re: Is there a MinGW winapi macro defined?

On 22/07/2010 01:56 p.m., Charles Wilson wrote:
 > On 7/22/2010 1:36 PM, Cesar Romani wrote:
 >> In function `_pei386_runtime_relocator':
 >> /home/cstrauss/pkg/msysCORE/source/winsup/cygwin/lib/pseudo-reloc.c:429:
 >> undefined reference to `___RUNTIME_PSEUDO_RELOC_LIST_END__'
 >> /home/cstrauss/pkg/msysCORE/source/winsup/cygwin/lib/pseudo-reloc.c:429:
 >> undefined reference to `___RUNTIME_PSEUDO_RELOC_LIST__'
 >> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
 > You need to update to the latest msys-dev package
 > (msysCORE-1.0.15-1-msys-1.0.15-dev.tar.lzma).

I wrote I'm using msysCORE-1.0.15-1. It means I've already updated to
the latest msys-dev package but gcc 3.4.4 doesn't work.

Many thanks in advance,


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