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Re: [Mingw-msys] Re: Re: Re: Is there a MinGW winapi macro defined?

Dietfrid Mali wrote:
> Hi Keith, hi Johannes, hi Kein-Hong Man,
> I have come accross this old conversation recently and I am quite upset
> about my part in it myself now. Of course you were right at that time and
> your reaction was predictable and well deserved.  I was extremely under
> pressure at that time, but I should have taken my frustration elsewhere. I
> am offering my sincere apologies for my misbehavior and hope it will be
> accepted.

Apologies accepted, it was never a problem at all, a rollicking 
discussion here and there is no big deal. Seen tons and tons of 
them and I don't remember any. :-) I'm sure others feel roughly 
the same way; it's past and done, let's move on.

I have made my share of foolishness, as we all have, being human 
beings (and passionate developers). A thick skin is good; a cool 
head is even better. Eventually we get into the groove of specific 
cultures on developers' mailing lists.

Different destinations on the Internet have different cultures, 
and I think we wear different masks for different places. If we 
don't, there will be a dissonance. I don't think this list is 
perfect, but we can pause and remember that we can all play our 
part in constructive discussion instead of destructive discussion.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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