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Re: [Mingw-msys] Re: Re: Is there a MinGW winapi macro defined?

On 7/18/2010 6:04 PM, Bidski wrote:
> Follow these steps.
> 1) Enter the MSYS console
> 2) Navigate to the zlib root directory (if you extracted the files to
> /mingw/zlib-1.2.5, you must enter that directory).
> 3) run make -f win32/makefile.gcc
> 4) run make -f win32/makefile.gcc install BINARY_PATH=/mingw/bin
> INCLUDE_PATH=/mingw/include LIBRARY_PATH=/mingw/lib
>     To run make install you need to set the three variables to where you
> want things to be installed (I have specified values assuming that
> /mingw is the prefix).
> Hope that helps

Bidski and statkute, both of you appear to be attempting to compile a
*native* (that is, win32) version of zlib.  That is a whole different
thing than an "msys" build of zlib (e.g. one that uses, and requires,
the msys-1.0.dll POSIX dll).

Do create an *msys* zlib, you can download this -src package
and simply run the msys-build-zlib script (after editing as appropriate
for the 1.2.5 version of zlib). [NOTE: this only works if you launch the
script from a so-called "msys-developer" shell; that is, you start
msys.bat with a first argument of 'MSYS']

However, I suspect that you don't really want an "MSYS" zlib.

If you want a native, win32 zlib that doesn't rely on the msys posix
dll, then you can *use* an regular MSYS shell to build it. In that case,
bidski's instructions are more-or-less correct.  (I generally use the
configure/Makefile.in process, but that requires modifying some of the
build files first.)

And, if you ARE trying to build a native, win32 zlib and are just using
msys "incidentally" to host the build process, then you're on the wrong
list.  You want mingw-users at lists d0t sourceforge d0t net


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