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[Mingw-msys] msys on win98 LitePC


My question is more about gdi programming than the rxvt terminal. But some 
people here can maybe help me.

When resizing the rxvt terminal with the mouse, the content of the window 
is drawn only when one releases the mouse button. I have the same behavior 
with a library that i port to Windows.

That library has a main loop, and i catch windows messages inside that 
main loop. Everything goes fine, except when resizing. With almost the 
same behavior than the rxvt terminal : when resizing, the content of the 
window is grey.

I tried to force the update of the window of my lib during WM_SIZING, 
WM_MOUSEMOVE, WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGING. Nothing. The behavior is still the 
same. When resizing with the mouse, the content is not updated.

So does someone know what the problem is, and maybe a hint for a solution 
? If not, some irc chan or forums where i can find gdi experts ?

Thank you

Vincent Torri

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