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Re: [Mingw-msys] Mingw insight not running on Win98 ?

On 15 June 2010 23:29, Charles Wilson wrote:
> Wow. You are a brave, brave man.  mintty seems to rely so heavily on
> cygwin-1.7's i18n support that I didn't think it would be possible --
> without *significantly* hacking up the code -- to port to msys,
> regardless of what version of msys-gcc is used.

It's already working in the mintty 'trunk'.  Since mintty's code base
was originally designed to work with cygwin-1.5, there was not a lot
of MSYS specific changes required.  Granted the i18n stuff is a little
irrelevant, since the underlying MSYS dll doesn't support it.

The majority of the issues stem from the lack of the /proc filesystem
under MSYS.   I had to introduce a work around for the Alt+F2 function
and some other features don't work quite as well as they do under
Cygwin (Ctrl+clicking on a filename for example), but I'm using it for
my day-to-day MSYS work without issue.

> But if you and Andy think it is possible, then I think it's a great
> idea. (Now, no doubt some will disagree, since mintty shares with rxvt
> the "pty" problem -- which cmd.exe and console(2) do not).

Corresponding with Andy, once he considers 0.8 complete, I plan on
releasing it for MSYS as well.  As you pointed out, mintty does suffer
from the same 'pty' issue as rxvt.

> But anything that helps "retire" rxvt sooner is all to the good, IMO.
> rxvt is a dead parrot. Joined the choir invisible. Shuffled off this
> mortal coil...

Amen to that!


Chris Sutcliffe

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