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[Mingw-msys] Mingw insight not running on Win98 ?

Hi All,

I'm working with Andy Koppe to port mintty to MSYS and I've hit a bit
of snag.  One of the features of mintty is to spawn a new terminal
window from within itself.  To that end, for Cygwin, mintty uses:

     execv("/proc/self/exe", argv);

Since MSYS doesn't have the /proc filesystem, what I've come up with is:

    char path[MAX_PATH];
    realpath(argv[0], path);
    execv(path, argv);

Which works well if mintty is spawned from within an MSYS console.
The problem is that if mintty is run directly from within Windows
(i.e. via a 'Run' dialogue), execv fails.  I assume because it doesn't
like the path:


Is there an internal MSYS function to convert the path to a 'native' MSYS path?

Thank you,


Chris Sutcliffe

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