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Re: [Mingw-msys] Compiling bash

On 6/9/2010 16:08, Prabhulinga Swamy B S wrote:
> Hi,
>      I'm trying to build gstreamer-0.10.28 using Msys. As a dependency, I
> successfully compiled glib-2.21.3
>      While configuring glib, i've used,
>         $ ./configure --prefix=/mingw
>         Now when I tried to configure gstreamer with the same prefix,
> checking for GLIB is failing. I've added paths to glib directory in Msys
> environment( paths added link this: My
> computer->properties->advanced->environment variables). Still facing the
> same problem. I think I'm doing mistake in setting paths.
> environment variables in MSYS:
> LIB=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\ATLMFC\LIB;C:\Program
> Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\LIB;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual
> Studio 8\VC\PlatformSDK\lib;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
> 8\SDK\v2.0\lib;C:\msys\mingw\lib;C:\msys\lib
> INCLUDE=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
> 8\VC\ATLMFC\INCLUDE;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
> 8\VC\INCLUDE;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
> 8\VC\PlatformSDK\include;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
> 8\SDK\v2.0\include;C:\msys\mingw\include;C:\msys\mingw\glib-2.0\include;C:\msys\include
> Please help.
> Thanks for your attention.


you can look at config.log found in the directory you ran gstreamer 
configure. It should tell you the reason for failure.

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