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[Mingw-msys] Changing the Wiki

On 3/30/2010 5:42 PM, Cesar Strauss wrote:
> Charles Wilson wrote:
>> The following functions are already exported by msys-1.0.dll, but are
>> not declared in the installed header files.  The attached patch should
>> fix that; and silences some compile warnings when building msys-inetutils.
>> OK?
> Sure, please go ahead and commit.


FWIW, after a little investigation I believe the "r*tools on Vista"
issue is best solved by providing replacement functions for
rcmd()/rexec()/rresvport() *in the rtools* themselves, rather than in
msys -- at least until a sea change in MSYS itself occurs. Reasoning:

1) porting the cygwin patchset that fixed this problem for them, back in
2006, is...basically impossible. It happens that THIS commit, the one
that added built-in support rather than relying on wsock32 for these
functions, is THE commit that caused Corinna to bump the cygwin version
from 1.5.x to 1.7.0-devel.  This patchset added not just r*()
implementations, but full support throughout cygwin for IPv6, and
matching r*_sa() functions.  That's a WAY bigger project than it needs
to be, just for this little issue, for some rarely used utilities.

2) So...grabbing BSD sources for "plain" non-IPv6-enabled r*()
implementations, and integrating them into msys, is kind of a dead end
IMO.  The future is, I hope, to re-implement the things that make MSYS
"msys", on top of the cygwin-1.7 code base -- and then you get all these
things for free; rather than spending more time re-inventing the wheel,
porting (or re-engineering, or just plain redo-ing) stuff that cygwin
has already done, since the MSYS fork seven years ago.

So...once you have those BSD sources, it's actually easier NOT to try to
shoehorn them into msys, and instead just use existing automake/autoconf
idioms to turn them into rpl_* replacement functions, within the
r*tools/inetutils package.

I'm already 75% of the way there on that.



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