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Re: [Mingw-msys] Compiling bash

Olaf Flebbe wrote:
>> Cygwin comes with a 'cygpath' program to convert between POSIX and
>> Windows pathnames.
>> Does MSYS come with an equivalent.
> You should not need such a thingy, because Msys automagically translates 
> Path names, even in the environment. If you have a problem with this 
> translation, you should try to describe your problem in more detail.

if I have this (generated) makefile:


foo: $(DIR)/foo
	copy $(DIR)/foo foo

make barfs (multiple target patterns) because it cannot handle 2 colons on one 
the solution is to use an msys path /c/a/b/c/d instead if the windows path 
alas, there is no way to do the conversion without the ad hoc sed command 
(which is very easy to get wrong).

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