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Re: [Mingw-msys] Compiling bash

Dear All,

I get error when ./configure link-grammar that REGEX not found. I know this question seems a link-grammar issue more than MinGW/MSYS. But it just a real case to me that I facing the REGEX problem when using MinGW/MSYS. Please, if anybody has experiment on it, please give me a hand. Thanks!

I follow the readme at http://svn.abisource.com/link-grammar/trunk/README until the ./configure, that get a error that REGEX not found. Here is the part of instruction.
BUILDING on Windows:
The easiest way to have link-grammar working on MS Windows, especially
if you want the Java bindings, is to use MinGW/MSYS, a minimalist
GNU environment for Windows that includes gcc, bash, automake, and many
other utilities. Download and install MinGW, MSYS and MSYS-DTK from

Link-grammar now requires a working version of POSIX-standard regex
libraries. Since these are not provided by Microsoft, a copy must be
obtained elsewhere. One possibility is from the gnuwin32 system:

Then build and install link-grammar with

make install

Best Regards,

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