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Re: [Mingw-msys] Howto obtain a full Windows path from a shell command?

Cesar Strauss wrote:
> Yes, I also succeeded to build GCC 3.4.4 for MSYS (C and C++), by using 
> the Cygwin patches found on the Cygwin source package for GCC 3.4.4. I 
> also took the chance to update binutils as well.
> Lately, I am focusing on creating suitable source packages (original 
> sources + cygwin patches + msys patches + build script). I plan to offer 
> them as an optional add-ons to the msysDVLPR environment.
> The compiler is able to bootstrap itself, so there is a good chance it 
> is really fully functional.

Good news!

>> GCC 3.2.3 on Phoenix' website works quite nicely as I've managed
>> to build a working MSYS dll with it.
> This, I wasn't able to do. With my self-built GCC 3.4.4, the dll is 
> built, but existing MSYS applications just exit immediately when run. I 
> will try your suggestion of using the GCC 3.2.3 on Phoenix site.

Actually, this doesn't surprise me.  There was a large ABI change
between gcc 2.95.3 and gcc-3.0, and another between at least one of the
gcc-3.x / gcc-3.x+1 transitions.  Although cygwin/msys has a strictly
C-style ABI, it IS written in C++, and is linked against libgcc.a (EH is
disabled, so none of the EH personality stuff is ever pulled in, when
built with modern g++ -- but I'm not sure that old obsolete gcc was that

I'm more surprised that Teemu's gcc-3.2-built msys WAS usuable by
gcc-2.95-built client apps, than I am that your gcc-3.4-built msys was
NOT usable.

This is part of what I meant when I said that I believed the whole msys
schmeil would need to be bootstrapped using the new compiler -- a
non-trivial undertaking.  Basically, you build
  msys-gcc (against CURR-MSYS)
  msys-binutils (ditto)
then, build MSYS. Install into /tmp/staging, but go ahead and copy all
the /tmp/staging/include/ and /tmp/staging/lib/ files into /[include|lib]/.

Then, start compiling all your client packages (coreutils, bash, etc) --
always installing into /tmp/staging/, but copying any headers/libs back
to /[include|lib]/

Eventually, /tmp/staging/* will have a complete-enough installation that
 you might be able to test THOSE apps in /tmp/staging/bin/, and the
"new" msys-1.0.dll in /tmp/staging/bin/, by running them directly from a
CMD box (without CURR-MSYS-BASH running!!)

Then, I'd three-card monty my installation directories:

  C:\msys\1.0\tmp\staging C:\msys-new
  C:\msys -> C:\msys-old
  C:\msys-new C:\msys

And THEN, rebuild gcc AGAIN (so this time, it links against MSYS-NEW),
and repeat the whole exercise (but this time, no need to futz with

Yep, a WHOLE lotta work...


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