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[Mingw-msys] Howto obtain a full Windows path from a shell command?

Teemu Nätkinniemi wrote:
>> BTW, the MSYS Phoenix project is already using a version of
>> gcc-3.4.x to

Oops. I meant gcc-3.2.3 here.

>> build msys apps, and they also have an experimental gcc-4.x
>> version 

And I meant gcc-3.4.4 here.

>> (but
>> it has no C++ support).  AFTER mingw-get is rolled
>> out, and the "new"
>> modularized MSYS/MinGW distribution has some time to
>> stabilize, I'll
>> look into grabbing the MSYS Phoenix compiler -- but doing
>> so would
>> require recompiling and updating ALL of the MSYS packages
>> (not to
>> mention some significant changes wrt gettext/libintl and
>> libiconv). I'm
>> definitely not ready to tackle that just yet.
> Here's the GCC 3.4.4 for MSYS, with g++ compiled in. No 
> patch included as I basically replaced all __CYGWIN__ with 
> __MSYS__ and copied necessary files to gcc/config/i386 from
> the original MSYS GCC 2.95.3.
> http://www.mediafire.com/?ngnrewkzz2i
> GCC 3.2.3 on Phoenix' website works quite nicely as I've managed
> to build a working MSYS dll with it.
> http://www.cadforte.com/msys.html

I'm a little confused. The MSYS Phoenix website credits you, Teemu, for
the updated gcc "C" builds (presumably both 3.2.3 and 3.4.4), but Jon_y
takes credit for the libstdc++ support -- which, on that page, means
only g++-3.2.3.

But if it was as easy as you say -- just s/__CYGWIN__/__MSYS__/ -- then
(a) why didn't you do that for both of your contributions, originally;
that is, why did Jon_y have to do it for you, for 3.2.3? (b) and while
he was doing that, why didn't he go ahead do the same for g++-3.4.4?

I suspect the answer to these questions is, "There was more to the port
than that".  But -- I can't tell without a lot more investigation
(basically, redo-ing your/Jon_y's porting effort myself).  I don't have
time for that right now (and besides, the MSYS distro is not yet ready
for that wholesale change, either)...


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