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[Mingw-msys] Newline and Wikipedia

On Sunday 27 September 2009 21:33:42 Vincent Torri wrote:
> > We all recognise that mingw-get is the future for both MinGW and
> > MSYS distribution; it will give you the package choice you ask
> > for, but every hour I spend following up demands to "add this
> > feature to MinGW-5.1", (or to create a similarly deficient
> > installer for MSYS), is an extra hour's delay in the eventual
> > availability of mingw-get.
> I don't understand, then. If mingw-get is what is the best
> solution for now, just say that "MinGW-5.1.6 is the last one, it
> will be deprecated soon by mingw-get" and don't loose time on it
> anymore. Sometimes, you have to take decisions in order for things
> to move on.

That's exactly what I did say, on the tracker ticket which led to the 
release of MinGW-5.1.6.  We had to release 5.1.6 because the new 
standard for modular packaging broke 5.1.4, and 5.1.5, (which was 
intended to correct that), exposed a fatal bug which had been 
introduced in 5.1.4, but somehow gone unnoticed.



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