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Re: [Mingw-msys] 256Mb limit?

Errors during (post) install:
pi.sh: line 13: /etc/profile: No such file or directory

Creating /etc/fstab with mingw mount bindings.pi.sh: line 66: cannot create temp
file for here document: Permission denied


* I'm using Windows ME (4.90.3000), MSYS is in D:\msys\1.0
* The MSYS icon on the desktop just reports: 'Bad command or file name'
* rxvt.exe closes (on first message from keyboard,mouse,etc received)
* 'sh' is screwed up pretty bad too.  It gives:  '- Cannot open'   whenever I try to run a command such as: 'ls'
* it appears that 'sh' may be the root of the problem.
* I was able to successfully install on XP Home (C: drive), so I know I'm not a complete moron.

I would like to here from anyone who has MSYS 1.0 working in Windows 95 /98 / ME


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