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Re: [Mingw-msys] Problems with ./configure in XP

On Wednesday 18 March 2009 18:25:20 Damon Register wrote:
> I compiled with
> gcc -I/c/gtkmm/include -L/c/gtkmm/lib -liconv.dll iconvtest.c

You've committed the cardinal sin of specifying your libraries before 
the modules which require them.  It should be:

  gcc -I/c/gtkmm/include iconvtest.c -L/c/gtkmm/lib -liconv

so that the linker knows what symbols it needs from libiconv.dll, 
*before* it reads it; as you've specified it, libiconv.dll.a is read 
first, before any symbol dependencies have been identified, so no 
references are attributed to it, then iconvtest.c is loaded into the 
image, generating a list of dependencies, with nothing read after it, 
to satisfy them.

Also note, you should refer to `-liconv', or to `libiconv.dll.a', but 
*not* to `-liconv.dll'.



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