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Re: [Mingw-msys] Re: Running .bat files


I've just found on the net that in a windows
console I can type:

chcp 65001

and it's going to use and understand UTF-8. I
would like to use that with MSYS, so I removed
the line that says:

start rxvt ... -e sh ...

and left instead just:

sh ...

That way, sh runs in a windows console. What I
would like to do is to first tell that same
console to use UTF-8, and thought this would

chcp 65001
sh ...

But it doesn't. For same reason, the window
just desapear. Using something diferent do
work, like:

sh ...

(i.e., in the sense that dir output is shown
and then I can use 'sh'.)

Do you know what can I do?


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