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Re: [Mingw-msys] Line endings and MSYS diff

On Saturday 22 November 2008 11:16:14 Stephen Grant Brown wrote:
> In msys
> GNUCash@ELSHADAI /mingw
> $ tar -tjf /z/gnucash_downloads/m4-1.4.7-MSYS.tar.bz2
> usr/bin/m4.exe

Why is your current directory `/mingw'?  There is no legitimate reason 
to ever be working there, unless you are in the process of updating 
*MinGW* components.

> usr/bin is not in path

No, but `/usr/bin' is, because MSYS makes `/usr' a loopback mount of 
`/', and `/bin' *is* in the PATH.

> Over which part of the existing installation do I extract it?

$ (cd /; tar xjf /path/to/m4-1.4.7-MSYS.tar.bz2)

is what you want.


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